Leon Morton turns 56
September 29, 2006

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Dad had a birthday coming up but Mom could not restrain herself long enough to wait for the actual day.  She had been so excited about her big gift to him that she nearly hurt herself waiting to give it to him so they celebrated early.  He got a shiny red golf cart for driving around the wide open spaces at work.  Desi fixed him up with all the accessories he could need so he was set.  He was very surprised and happy.  Happy birthday Dad!
 Here he is, straight from work, opening his early gifts. And now for the big surprise!

 Joy riding with Gran and Desi

 Desi taking Nancy for a spin Now Long Dog wanted to get in on the fun.
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that is Momma
Kitty on Dad's lap.
 A shot of the license plate 

A proud Dad (and Momma Kitty posing in the background.)

 Ready to roll!  
 Here's Dad in the cart 
 in his shop the next day. 

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