Home Improvement Projects
September, 2015

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We made a last big effort to get some more of our house finished before we left for the winter.  We managed to finish the fence, get the grass planted, and had the porches and sidewalk poured.  
 Billy & Eli came up with a creative way to rake our topsoil, looks safe! The forms in place for our porch and sidewalk
 Watching this cement truck back up to our front door made me nervous! Ted Waldo and his team worked hard on our porches 
 Our patio all smoothed out, ready for stamping The finished product.  It looks great!
Close-up of the pattern The patio
It matches the front door perfectly.  Our sister-in-law Tracie kindly sent us this picture of our grass after it 
 sprouted.  It was still seeds when we left.  Hurray for grass!  

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