BBQ Cookoff at Rodeo Houston

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On Thursday, Feb. 7th my friends Terri Thomason & Ken May invited me and Amy Jones to join their group at the BBQ Cookoff.  Ken rented a limo and filled it with 11 ladies for our trip to the cookoff.  It was quite an adventure, as you can see!


 Me, Amy, and Terri at the beginning of the evening.       All the girls, the limo, and our man of the evening, Ken May
And the giant bag of jello shots come out... Now we're all smiles
Ken finding out what it's like to have hair  We ran into Jim Bowles a few times, Amy thought he needed some beads.
At one of the tents, we were serenaded by Elvis Yevette  - another spunky little one  (like Amy!)
Ken, dancing with Terri... and then Amy.  All without spilling a drop of beer!

Conga line - I bet he spilled some beer on this dance This is us girls whining about being cold until these guys let us into their heated booth.

 Don't ask!!

  Winding down


Forget winding down, we're worn out!

Amy and Ken, still in the partying mood! 

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