Climbing with Dan & his Crew
June 19, 2016

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Eric's brother Dan's son Dillon has been in the Navy for more than a year.  He was on his first 10-day leave and we were blessed to spend some of that time with them.  All of Dan & Tracie's kids except Ashley were able to join us for an afternoon of climbing at Stone Hill.  A good time was had by all. 
 Kaitlyn climbing down through a tight area to get to the good rock Lane loved this part

Getting situated for the first climb

 Tracie looking pretty and being nimble as always  

I belay Eric so he can set up the rope

  It's all easy for Eric

Lane, enjoying the stone recliner a previous climber left for him

  Dillon attacks his first climb.  He is a very strong young man!  
 I love that "I can't believe I'm still alive" face people get after their first climb. Kaitlyn packs panels for Jeb & Dan's cement crew each summer so
you know this girl is strong too, she's also very flexible - which helps a lot.  

Dan didn't discover the recliner until we were about to leave, bummer dude!

 She also placed in 3 events in the state track meet a few weeks ago.
 Way to go Kaitlyn! 

A conversational grouping of stone recliners on a scenic overlook where we were climbing.

 I love this family picture of them.  Wish Ashley, Cody, and Lily could be in it too!  

Choosing the perfect route

 The aforementioned scenic overlook.  

The rock seems to go on forever at Stone Hill.  They say there are over 500 climbs here.

  Dillon hitting his stride.  I think he'd become a climber if he didn't 
have to go back to the Navy.

Dan celebrating her climbing feats

 Kaitlyn nearing the top of her second climb  
Next Dan tried it and he was great! Look at him go, it was like he was in a race to the top.

I love this picture of Tracie and Bella! 

  Great day at Stone Hill

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