Chunhai & Shasha's Wedding
June 7, 2013

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Our good friends Pastor Chunhai Li and Shasha Hu were married in early June.  I was blessed to have a small part in the wedding party (at the guest book table).  It was a lovely wedding and shows promise of being a very Godly, loving marriage.  What a wonderful blessing!
 Pastor Lamb with Shasha at the rehearsal The wedding party gathered in prayer around the couple.
 Pastor Lamb and Sam.  Don't they have great smiles?  Eric looking handsome, and the crowd ready for the ceremony.
Shasha, dreaming about her future with her beloved Chunhai  You may kiss the bride! 
 Me with our friend Gary Winters at the reception  

The wedding party, looking good.

 The happy couple with Sam And again with me
 Waiting for them to come out for the final farewell And away they go! 

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