Christmas Visits
December 2016

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I wasn't good about capturing all of the Christmas visits I had with friends during this time, but I did get a few of them.  It was wonderful catching up with my friends.  I love Christmas!  
 Isabel, looking completely adorable in front of our tree Closer view of her cuteness
Blurry shot of Isabel & Uncle Eric.  Melody is still warming up to him. Melody was willing to give him a hug if Isabel went along too.

Me, Melody, Isabel, and Jiayi.  So nice to be together again!

  Speaking of together again, here's a blast from the past!  My good friend Ellie now
lives in California so I don't get to see her very often, but thankfully she came in for
a Christmas visit.  We went to Jiayi's house for an afternoon of hanging out together.
 Jiayi, me, and Ellie - together again!  Lots of selfie group pictures follow, fun for us! 
Isabel, hamming it up.  This girl is a spitfire!    I also enjoyed an afternoon with Rachel.  She took me out for pie, it was delicious. 

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