BCM Christmas Party
December 9, 2016

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The BCM hosted a great Christmas party this year for International students and volunteers.  We had food, played Dirty Santa, and enjoyed a great presentation of the Christmas story - complete with carols. They were also given a Bible and some other treats. It was a great party, enjoyed by all. 


Getting ready for the food line to start


This is Eric's caring face, I feel sorry for the poor kid he was talking to! 

  The reading of the Christmas story

Time for the Dirty Santa game.  We thought the kids would have a hard time understanding
the rules, but they got the hang of the gift-stealing part right away! 
It was interspersed with applicable Christmas carols  
 Silly fun Group shots around the room
   I brought this gift - nail polish and funny elf ears.  I'm sure he was glad it got stolen! 

Both of these girls ended up with gifts I brought, and they seemed to enjoy them! 


Group shot


Emily's kids get used to being passed around from an early age.  Everyone 
wants to hold the babies! 

The "jingle bell" boy.  He collected most of the jingle bell favors 
and decked himself out with them. 

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