Christmas in Westville
December 23 - 26, 2006

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This was the first time that Eric and I spent a Christmas apart since we've known each other.  Surprisingly, it turned out OK.  We each visited our own families this time and everyone enjoyed the time to catch up.  

I started my visit by spending time with my good friend Dorinda Pittman.  We have been best friends since the 4th grade and still enjoy each other's company very much.  After visiting with Dorinda I also got to visit with my friend James Ray Stanfill.  We have also been friends since elementary school.  

The next morning was my birthday (Christmas Eve).  We celebrate my birthday during the day, then we open our Christmas gifts that night (as shown below.)

 No, I'm not about to pass out.  This is how I smile for pictures.    The beautiful tree and a fraction of the crazy number of gifts
 that were given out that evening. 
 Desirae, showing off her stylin' new house shoes. Momma Kitty - thinking all this fuss must be designed for her.
 Gran, about to throw a paper wad at Desirae. Desirae, trying to open gifts around the sleeping cat.
 Both of Mom's favorite things in one shot! Desirae in her snow bunny mode.
 Mom can't understand why she would get a shirt that reads, "I'm Bossy"
And the assembly begins....  Mom got a elliptical 
machine for Christmas - assembly required.

 Mom and Dad are a great assembly team, they got it working great in less than two hours.

The next day was Christmas day.  Gran came over and we had a big dinner.  
I also gave both Gran (Jan 3) & Desirae (Jan 10) their birthday gifts early so that I could see them open them.  
Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, you can see it too: 

 Gran, opening gifts with seriousness Desirae and her four-leaf clover kit
 Desirae, showing off some of the jewelry I made for her.  Tuesday the 26th we went shopping.  Here is either a hug or
 a headlock (I'm not sure) outside of Sam's.

 We had such a great time with this chair.  I haven't laughed that hard in ages!


 Here's Mom, doing her best impression of Edith Ann
(from Laugh-In - if you don't get it you're probably too young!)

 Here's a shot of the beautiful 
 sunset I saw on the drive 
 home later that night.

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