Christmas in Montana
December 24 - 31, 2006

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As I mentioned in the 'Christmas in Westville' page, this is the first Christmas we have spent apart.  Eric went to Montana to see his family and had a great, action-packed time.  He took a lot of great video, but only a few pictures.  Mostly we get a glimpse of a snowmobile trip that he took.  You'll see it's very beautiful.  
 On the road to the snowmobile spot. Getting ready to head out.
 When I was a kid I called this being "bungled up"  (meaning dressed really warm.)  Eric, king of the snow country.
 Eric & Jeb - having fun Brother Dan 'high-marking' in a bowl - it was VERY steep.
 Beautiful, eh?  (They were very close to Canada so I can caption in Candadian!)    Jeb, knee deep in snow and still having fun.  (Crazy Northerners!!0
 Eric with ice crystals in his beard. Heading back after a successful trip.

  Here Eric is home again, 
  opening the gifts sent to
  him from the Mortons
  (my family.)  I was very 
  glad to have him home!

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