Christmas Families
December 2018

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Christmas Cards are one of my favorite parts of the season.  I like to store the photos I receive here so that I can go back to look at them again from time to time.  Thanks to everyone who shares a card with me, I love each one! 
 The Bloomers - it is a little hard to get a picture of Brodie smiling The Perfettas, we miss them! 
 Katrin & Bob.  She cares for our fur babies when we are away.  Sasha Parker, sitting pretty
Our Chinese nieces - Isabel, Charlotte, and Melody
Isabel & Melody gave us this hand-made Christmas card which we treasure.  
It has pictures of us and our cats, and even Buddy on it.  
 The Dolsky boys Eric & Kristin

The Lannerts

  The Korners

The Begeman kids

  Linda & Tommy

The Rughani crew

  The Schriner grandkids.  That family has such a heart for adoption that I admire very much. 

The Lardner Family

Joe & Bev - I haven't seen Joe since 1998, but I'm so happy we still keep in touch.   
 The Nyugens, all smiles The Larry Bergets

Susan's youngest, Tyler with his calf

The Eash family, looking great as always.  

Eric's first grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson with her 3 grandsons

 The Larry Casazzas  

The Richardsons

  The Jollys, living up to their name

The Grooms family, sharing a funny moment from their daughter's wedding this year

 Frankie, Cassy, Haylie, Hannah, and Serene - enjoying Hawaii  
 The Gomez family on some big adventures  

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