Christmas Families

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I love Christmas, and Christmas cards.  I always try to keep a record of the pictures we receive each year so that I can look back on them from time to time.  Merry Christmas friends! 
 The Lucas Casazza crew  PJ & Heather 


   Begemans abroad


   Chavez family

Gomez/Jones family
  Jolly Jollys
 Tom & Emily Cassy & Serene's beautiful new family with Frankie

Dolsky boys
  The Eli Eash family
 The Finks The Harris'

The Lannerts
   The Larry Casazza family


   The Korners

The Li kids
  The Morvants

Mrs. Johnson - Eric's 1st grade teacher who we were happy to connect with this year
  The Nguyens 
 Sam Sasha Parker
 The Schultz family  Sharon, Russ, Larry, and Judy Berget
 The Wilsons  

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