Christmas Families 2016
December 2016

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I so enjoy getting Christmas card updates from all our friends from over the years.  I often like to look back over them later in the year, so having a page like this makes that easy for me.  Thank you friends and family for sharing your lives with us! 



The Korner clan

  Wei, Isabel, Melody, and Jiayi - with a giant Teddy Bear

The rowdy Richardsons

 Beautiful Isabel and Melody, taken on their most recent trip to China  

Sasha Parker has transformed from a Houston dog to a snow dog

 Kyler & Stephanie  

The Berget bunch

  Tommy & Linda

Mary Beth, Larry, Katie, and Rebecca

  The fabulous Fink girls

Chunhai, Isaiah, Tiffany, & Shasha

   Keith, Brodie, and Desirae

Edidon, George, & XiaoXing

 Vera, Eli, Grant, & Leah  
 Chavez kids Levi & Eron
 Emily & Tom  Amy, Carmen, & Julio.  I don't know the name of the elephant or rider! 

Todd, Shanni, Logan, & Luke

 Kate & Christian  

The jolly Jollys

 Begeman kids, all grown up  
 Grooms young 'ens Cassy & Serene

The Keevil clan

Jeb, Colter, Carson, Aubrey, Madison, and Amy
 Carolyn's crew  Eric's buds from Koda CrossFit

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