Christmas Families 
December 2015

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Each year I like to save the pictures I get in our Christmas cards so I can enjoy them throughout the year.  Thanks friends for sending me your pictures! 

Larry Casazza's girls Rebecca and Katie
  The Gomez gang

Nguyens in cool hats
  Adventuring Perfettas

The Harris couple - I should have included the picture that had the dog too!
The Traina kids are growing up!  
 The Jolly family having a jolly time skiing The Korner family
 The Grooms kids The Christian Kanady krew
 The Kyler Kanady krew Speaking of a crew, the Linda Baker clan - because we all know who runs things!

The Dolsky boys
  The Schulz family

The Fink family in fine form
 Wei and Jiayi with our Chinese nieces Isabel and Melody  


 I couldn't choose just one of these pictures of Serene, Cassy, and Jess Jess

 The Lannerts lovin' life Sasha, the mountain dog.  She represents the Parker pack with quiet dignity.

The Lucas Casazzas
 My buddy Mike got creative with one of his kitties for his card  

The Larry Bergets

 The Fergusons  

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