Christmas Families

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I like to keep copies of the pictures we get in our Christmas cards each year.  It is such a blessing to receive Christmas cards and to find out how everyone is doing.  I love this tradition.  
Tom & Emily Teasdale - always up to some adventure! Bellon family

The Nguyens - Stacey, Michael, Alex, & Nick
Tommy and Linda Baker & Crew  
Todd & Shani Lannert - with the future baby Lannert! Ankur, Melanie, & Jonah Rughani

The Mark Casazzas: Mark, Justin (Cami's boyfriend), Cami, Cody, Colt, and Jodi
  Sascha the much-adored doggie of Doug & 
Myra Parker, and for good reason! 

The Bloomer Bunch:  Keith, Desirae, and Brodie
  I can never stop at just one shot of Brodie
 The Finks - Larry, Dawne, Abigail, Olivia, and Eliza   


The Larry Casazzas - Larry, Mary Beth, Rebecca, and Katie

The Jeb Casazza family: Jeb, Amy, Madison, Coulter, & Aubrey  

Our good buddies the Perfettas had a big year this year - turning 40, 10-year wedding anniversary (celebrated with a trip to the Galapagos Islands), 15 years with ConocoPhillips, and moving back to Alaska.  We're kicking ourselves for not going to see them while they were in Houston, but hey, Alaska is a great place to visit too, right?!!  
   The Jolleys: Chad, Amy, Caleb, and Piper
 Wei Li, Jiayi Chen, and beautiful Isabel - our Chinese niece!    

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