Christmas Families
December 2012

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Each year I like to save the pictures people send to me in in their Christmas cards.  I always appreciate getting this and enjoy looking back at them over the years.  


What a lovely picture my sister Desirae took of her & Keith's son Brodie!
 The Nguyens - Stacey, Michael, Alex, & Nick The Dolskys - Ray, Janet, Gavin, Drennan, & Jaren
 The Morvant children The Lucas branch of the Casazza clan 
Kristi, Erik, Braden, Cooper, and Carter

 More great shots of Lucas & Kristi's crew

My nephew Brodie saying, "We waited in line for an hour for this guy?!"   The Grooms kids - Paige, Morgan, & Allison
 The Finks - Abigail, Larry, Olivia, Dawne, and Eliza  The Chavez family - Levi, Eron, Kayla, Alex, & Andrew
 Jonah - a great surprise to us as we didn't know our friends Ankur 
 & Melanie Rughani were expecting! 
The Parkers - Doug & Myra with their dog Sascha
and "friend Asher".  The Parkers have LOTS of friends. 
The Lannerts - Todd & Shani   The Larry branch of the Casazza family: Mary Beth, Rebecca, & Katie
 Dave & Lisa Korner's son Bryce


Jeb's branch of the Casazza family: Amy, Madison, Coulter, & Aubrey



Mark's Casazza family: Jodi, Cami, Cody, and Colt


 The Gruenther family - Luc, Cassy, Jess, and very soon Serene Julia Gruenther!

 Care of Aunt Ada Casazza, her son Chris' family jumping for joy The Bensons - Chad & Nikki with their daughter & I've lost her name! 


The Teasdale family - Tom & Emily


 The Jolley's - Chad, Amy, Caleb, & Piper
 What I want to know is how Chad & Amy have kept from 
 aging a bit over these past 20 years!   
The Harris family - Eric & Kristin
  I believe I also got pictures from our great friends the Callantines, and from 
 the Perfettas but I managed to lose them before I got them scanned.  Bad Shawnna! 

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