Christmas Families 

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Pictures from the Christmas cards we enjoyed this year.  Enjoy!
Ankur, Melanie, & Elie Rughani   Adam & Grace Begeman
 Caleb Jolley Piper Jolley - children of Chad & Amy Jolley
  Barry & Cindy Quinn
 Joshua, Greg, Janie, Matthew, and Megan Clouse Lisa, Dave, and Bryce Korner
 Emily & Tom Teasdale + Smoky the Bear Jason, Haydn, and Tammy Degen

Dawne, Abigail, Eliza, Olivia, and Larry Fink


The Gruenthers had an exciting year - 
living in Italy, a deployment to Afghanistan, marathons, rock climbing.
You know, all the usual stuff. 

 Jeb, Coulter, Aubrey, Madison, and Amy Casazza Jeff & Suzi Lloyd
 Desirae & Keith Bloomer (I took this picture!!)  Tommy & Linda Baker's family

 Larry, Mary Beth, Rebecca, and Catherine Casazza

 Paige, Morgan, and Allison - children of Jim & Stacie Grooms Sascha - activist and beloved pet of Doug & Myra Parker

 Bellon family

 Todd & Shani Lannert Mom & Dad's third daughter - Waldo

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