Christmas Families 2009
December 2009

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I like to share all the great pictures we receive each year in Christmas cards.  Enjoy!
 Adam & Grace Begeman Desirae & Keith Bloomer
 Dick & Mary Ann Sheaffer  Steve & Helen Fekete

Michael, Stacey, Alex, and ___  Sorry, I lost the baby's name!
 Paige, Morgan, and Allison Grooms  Tommy & Linda Baker & clan
 Katie & Becca Casazza Tammy, Jason, and Haydn Degan

Aunt Ada Casazza
 Todd & Shani  

A cute little house that our Korean friend Ellie made for us
  Madison, Jeb, Amy, Coulter, and Aubrey Casazza
 Heather & PJ Perfetta Bellon girls
 Erik, Braden, and Cooper Casazza Bryce Korner
 Caleb & Piper Jolley Olivia, Dawne, Eliza, Larry, and Abigail
Larry & Dawne have a tough few years ahead of them with 
all of these young beauties to keep up with!  

Levi, Eron, Kayla, and Alex
 Mindy & Dustin Denton Tom & Emily Teasdale

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