Christmas Families

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I like to share the pictures I get with Christmas cards on my site.  Here are all the great pictures I received this year.  Enjoy!
Larry & Mary Beth Casazza with Rebecca and Katie Jeb & Amy Casazza with Madison & Coulter
 Lucas & Kristi Casazza with Erik and Braden   Mark & Jodi Casazza with Cami & Cody
 The children of Scott & Kris McArthur - Jadyn, Madisyn, and Zacary  The Bellon girls
 The son of Dave & Lisa Korner - Bryce Michael & Stacey Nguyen with son Alex
The kids (and dogs!) of Jim & Stacie Grooms.  The kids are: 
Morgan, Paige & Allison  I don't know the dogs' names but they are cute.
 This is Steve & Cindy Thompson with Daisy


This is the family of Rose's sister Corinne Hoffman 


Our friends Luc & Cassy Gruenther on "spouse taxi day" and 
a shot of Jess on a round bale.  Jess is widely recognized as the best climbing dog ever.



The children of Gary & Alison Begeman - Adam & Grace Friends Tom & Emily Teasdale after one of the many bike races they do 

Friends Larry & Dawne Fink with daughters Olivia, Abigail, & Eliza


Jason Degan & Tammy Campbell with new daughter Haydn

 Steven & Nicole Crain with daughters Kaitlyn & Ashlyn  
 A hilarious card I received from my wonderful sister Desirae. And look, here she is!  This is a dreamy shot of her and fiancée Keith Bloomer. 

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