Christmas Families 2006
December 2006

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So many of our friends and family are kind enough to share pictures with their Christmas cards.  I have captured most of them here as keepsakes.  


This is the Bellon family 

 This is the son of David & Lisa Korner - Bryce  These are the kids of Gary & Alison Begeman - Adam & Grace


The Gruenthers with their baby girl Jess
(Jess knows Eric as "Uncle Eric")

These are the kids of Jeb & Amy Casazza - 
Madison & Coulter (Jeb is two younger than Eric)
These are the kids of Jim & Stacie Grooms
I know Paige & Morgan but I'm missing one name!!
Katie, Becca, Larry, and Mary Beth Casazza
(Larry is the oldest of Eric's brothers)
The Fink family - Larry & Dawne with Olivia, Abigail, & Eliza
Let's say it all together now, "Poor Larry!"  :-)
Jodi, Cody, Mark, & Cami Casazza 
(Mark is the brother just younger than Eric)
This is the son of Michael and Stacey Nguyen - Alex
Natalie Nixon - daughter of Catherine & Andrew Nixon Heather & PJ Perfetta - sending greetings from Anchorage
I am missing one name here!  I know Jadyn & Madisyn. 
These are the children of Scott & Kristin McArthur
Kaitlyn Crain - daughter of Steven & Nicole Crain
  That's it for this year.
Merry Christmas and thanks for the pictures!

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