Christmas 2015
December 2015

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I start my documentation of this wonderful holiday with the decorations at our house.  I forgot to take pictures of our outdoor lights, which is unfortunate because they were the best we've had in years.  (Also the first time Eric has helped me put them up in years - coincidence?)  The tour continues on to Westville, OK and Eureka, MT.
 Christmas ornaments on the chandelier  Vintage Brodie picture decor
 I was trying to take a picture of the tree but there was an obstacle  Obstacle cleared
 Living room decor After Christmas, Eric was trying to open his gifts, but he had too much help
Rewind to Christmas Eve, celebrating my birthday in Westville I enjoyed spending my birthday with hurricane Brodie.  
This is how he drives, always looking to the rear and always at full speed.
PePaw and Brodie had a lot of fun with their matching hats This captures Brodie so well - barely touching the ground in his excitement

Lots of fun with matching furry hats

Speaking of fun, check out this awesome farm play set. What a ham! 
 Brodie had a blast opening his gifts Prisser, sleeping beauty in the midst of the Christmas craziness

Mom models a funny hat I made for her
  Brodie, trying to use the camera I gave him for Christmas
to photograph the beautiful lights at Rhema Bible College
MeMaw and Brodie feeding the ducks Desirae and Keith, still lovebirds 
 Sisters in the lights Another view of the light display

 Gran asked if I'd take a family picture of my Uncle Larry's family on Christmas day.  I was very happy to do so! 
On the left is a funny one where Deana gave Larry rabbit ears, 
which resulted in the great shot on the right - complete with real smiles! 

 Meanwhile, in Montana...Eric arrived on Christmas Eve to a white world He bravely hosted a party at our house without me.  It was a big crowd! 

Everyone sweetly gathered to send me a greeting via text

 Everyone laughed about how I would react to the mess in our
 entryway so...
Then they brought some order to the chaos to calm my psyche.

I arrived in Montana on the 27th.  Here I bundle up for a   
walk in the snow, Eric thinks I'm bundling up for the arctic  

Each time I went to town, I'd encounter the town turkeys - usually in the road  Pigeon Bridge looking lovely in the snow
 Evening sun as seen from our house across the frozen lake  Larry, Rebecca, Katie, Mary Beth, and Gus gave us a very nice visit
We had an adventure with our first fire - the new pipe created a house full
of smoke.  Excitement! 
Larry loaned us his 4-wheeler plow, which came in handy clearing our road

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