Christmas 2012
December 2012

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I've captured many of my Christmas-related pictures on this page for your viewing enjoyment.  Christmas is such a great time of year, I was happy to spend another one with our whole family happy and healthy on both sides.  It was Brodie's first Christmas so that was a special bonus at the Morton house this year!  
 The Casazza tree this year Me & Lily, trying out my camera's remote control feature
 Trying out the camera on Christmas lights downtown The Devon tower
 Automobile alley was beautiful.  I never made it to Chesapeake with my 
 camera but they had a wonderful display as well.
My favorite part of OKC in December are the crosses 
on the downtown buildings.  It is so beautiful!  
 At home in Westville, here's Brodie thinking things over. Mom & Dad outdid themselves on the Christmas lights this year - very nice! 
 A lovely full moon over the pine trees  Me, opening my birthday gifts
 Brodie and Dad are acting silly and making me laugh Tying to open the gift without tearing the paper... 
 Keith and P.D. doing some relaxing Brodie is ready to eat! 
Is that camera what is keeping me from getting my food?    When Keith contemplates his mountain of gifts, it makes him tired. 
 Dad is somewhere in the middle of that large pile of gifts. Brodie's favorite part was playing with the used wrapping paper 
 Keith hand-made a lovely gift bag for one of Desirae's gifts  Brown Granny and Gran having fun with the Broadster - he's a hoot.
 Dad trying to hang on to him - Brodie does not sit still much Keith finally made it through all his gifts, now he needs another nap! 
 Brodie enjoying a ride in his new wagon
We celebrated Gran's birthday (Jan 3) early by having her open 
her gifts from me.  I got everyone books this year!!
Eric had a great time in Montana, although I do not
have the photographic evidence to prove it.  

Merry Christmas!! 

Desirae sent me this picture of Brodie playing 
with the giggle toy that I got for him.  I loved the
toy so much that she got one for me too.  It's fun!

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