Christmas 2010
December 2010

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Scenes from our Christmas celebrations for 2010. 
 Here Rocket enjoys one of my gifts from Dan & Rose
 before I get the chance to open it.  
Eric wanted it noted that knew how to "bow it up" when he wrapped a gift.
 Here I am with my big pile of birthday gifts - 41 this year!  Keith making up part of the audience for the gift opening.
Gran looks on as well. I was given all kinds of nice things, they spoil me.
 Speaking of spoiled, here Desirae holds Prisser, 
 the princess of the KB Ranch.  
And this is the princess of the Morton house, although
usually royalty smells a bit better than our sweet Long Dog. 
A shot of the driveway and the "Morton Lane" sign Desirae gave them. Here Dad plays a joke on me.  I had asked for a piece of pipe 6" X 36".
He said, "You said you wanted a 6 foot pipe!" Thankfully he produced
the other pipe shortly afterward. 
   Here I finally get to enjoy
 the sweet (but skittish) 

The rolls went a little crazy during the rising time - they were huge!

   Sisters - I won the sister lottery, that's for sure. 
Morton women in front of Mom's beautiful Christmas centerpiece. Here we'll take a tour of the big piles of gifts.  This is Mom's.
Keith, next to his pile. Desirae, barely visible behind hers.
Gran, ready to get going. Me with mine.  Dad didn't want to be included, but you get the idea. 
 Gift highlights:  Sock Monkey Lovely & very practical hat
Custom, hand-made burger flipper (courtesy of Keith) New tackle box
 Back at home, Rocket checks out the new skunk toy from Mom. And also the new fish toy.  Feisty kept sticking her paw in there. 
 Eric sports his own lovely & very practical hat  The cats enjoyed the wrapping paper most of all.
 Feisty prepares to pounce  Time to relax after all the hub-bub.  They are finally
 learning to sit on our laps. 
Here I get a lot of help taking down the tree.  They were great supervisors.  
   Merry Christmas everyone!  Thank you Jesus!!!

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