Christmas in Westville
December 24 - 28, 2008

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I enjoyed a relaxing few days in Westville visiting my family for Christmas this year.  Eric was in Montana enjoying his family and lots of snow, but he didn't take pictures so you'll have to make due with mine.  We both had a very nice time.  
 Here I am opening my birthday gifts - I was a Christmas Eve baby.  Here we are playing a dirty Santa game with the family
 Now we're playing a really fun game of Mom's You had to unwrap gifts with oven mitts on - it was a hoot.

Mom's favorite gift was this magic wand.  Mom loves a practical gift!


At lunch we bought mustaches from a gumball machine and hurt 
ourselves laughing over them.

 Here we are being thoughtful.


 I gave Desirae her birthday gifts early since I won't see her on the 10th, her special day. 
This was a joke gift I made her because she just found out she has a lot of bad allergies.
This way she can protect herself from allergens while still looking stylish. ;-)

 Desi was going to show us her new dog purse, 
 and nearly dumped poor Prisser in the floor!
Here she is, all snug & cute  in the carrier

Here we are at Power House church


Here Eric opens the gifts that 
my family sent to him.
This is a shot of our 
Christmas tree.

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