Christmas 2007

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For the past two years, Eric and I have spent Christmas with each of our families.  This works out well for the most part, but we miss each other and the other half of our family.

  Here, he & I exchange gifts on the Saturday before Christmas.  Above Eric is opening gifts sent to him from Mom (with help from Zack.)


 Scenes of our house at Christmas

 The roads were iced over again that Saturday   Now I'm in Westville and it is Monday the 24th - my birthday.
 This is Desirae's little sweetie, Prissy Pants.  She is truly a prissy little thing!
 This is the neighbor dog that spends much of her time with
 Desirae and at Mom & Dad's - Mom named her "Long Dog"
Here Dad takes advantage of the warm weather to wash his "dirty" truck.  
(He claimed there was something on the hood.)
 Mom got a visit from her buddy Mary. Gran came out to watch me open my birthday gifts.
 Here I am with my pile of gifts.  Keith, soon to be my bother-in-law, 
 is anxious to see what I got.
 Posing with my new workout shirt. And my new Razorback jacket - it is very nice!
 The tree with all the gifts piled everywhere.  Me & Desirae in front of the tree.
 Passing out the gifts Dad beside his mountain of gifts.
Gran didn't feel well, but she made it through the opening. Keith got a big pile 'o stuff and a cat too.
 Ma helping with the gift opening. Mom was most excited by the gifts that contained sugar.
 Keith will not have to buy clothes again for a year! Dad got a fishing shirt, "Quit staring at my bass" - it's very classy!
On Christmas afternoon it was warm again, so Mom, 
Dad, and I went to Natural Falls State Park in West Siloam Springs.
Here are Mom & Dad in front of the small Greek columns.
 The park used to be called Dripping Springs and it used to have
 a swinging bridge, but we still liked it even without the bridge.
 Our first view of the falls. It was really pretty there.

 Me with each parent in front of the falls - I love these pictures!

 A small bridge along the hiking trail. Dad, blazing the trail. 
 Mom checking out the creek. And goofing off on the bridge.

 Here Mom poses on the overhang - it was a little nerve-wracking to stand out there!

 Desirae opened her birthday gifts from me & Eric before 
 I left so that I could get to see her open them.
Ma, looking disgruntled on Mom's shoulder

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



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