Kate & Christian's Wedding
December 1 & 2, 2017

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Our friends Christian and Kate held their wedding on the first weekend of December, and what a lovely affair it was. We were blessed to attend both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding festivities.  It was an amazing weekend, one we'll never forget!  
 At the photo booth during the rehearsal dinner Near the beautiful Christmas tree in the rehearsal dinner area.


 Scenes from the lobby of the OKC Golf & Country Club, where the rehearsal dinner was held.  Magnificent!  


The reception was the most grand and lovely event either of us have ever seen.  
(Or likely will ever see again!)  This was all set up inside a huge tent, it was incredible.
Fast-forward to the next evening, here we are arriving at the reception.  

Also incredible was the band, they were experts at getting people to dance and enjoy
themselves. Very talented, and backed by a mini-orchestra.  

  One of the many cascades of beautiful flowers that decorated the area.

Between each course of the meal, a new set of party favors was distributed 
and some time was allowed for more dancing. 

The wedding cake  
There were two huge trees wrapped in lights all the way out to the tips of the limbs.
You could see them from miles away.  The trees alone were very impressive, but so 
was everything about this magical event. 

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