Visit from Christian & Kate
September 23 - 25, 2016

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We were very blessed by a weekend spent with Christian & Kate.  It was an honor that they would take the time & trouble to come so far to visit us.  We had some really nice times together.  Thanks to Kate for all of the best pictures on this page. 
We went straight from the airport to Glacier National Park, my happy place. We enjoyed the wait for the opening time for the dining room at Lake McDonald Lodge 
Kate's photo  

Rock skipping contest.  Everything is a contest with these two! 

  Beautiful Lake McDonald


Show off!  

Time for lunch at the lodge

  Now we're on a short walk through some lovely woods to McDonald falls
My favorite picture of the whole trip Deep thoughts by the rushing water

Me & E



 Happy couples                        



Another contest - this time to ascend the slippery log          

A treat - a big Cinnamon Black Bear strolling along the road in front of us, then right past us Here it comes, any cars who want to use the road can just make way.

I left the side mirror in the shot for scale

  Kate got this great shot of the bear walking alongside us

Kate took this amazing shot of the valley leading up to Logan Pass

Show's over, time to move along  
 Kate's picture again, she got some wonderful shots.  This is at Logan Pass where we turned around. Misty mountains

Very blurry shot of a moose who was too far away for my pitiful point & shoot camera,
all I had with me at the time.

  The following day we headed over to Dan's for a visit.  Here Larry gives him advice on his 
fireplace hearth project

Poor Dan got more help then he ever wanted with his hearth project

 The 3 oldest Casazza boys, working out the problems of the world  
These guys hit it off right away. Christian & Kate drove in style for the weekend - we loaned them Blackie!

Rose had a beautiful dinner on Friday night.  Here you see how she can set a beautiful table.

  Dan going through a photo album I made of pictures that came from old family slides
 Dan, Jeb, and Eric - discussin' in the sun Gathering for prayer so we can chow down

A very rare thing - Lilly allowing someone 
besides her Momma to hold her!

Christian and Kate being entertained by Larry & Mary Beth  
Lovely sunset at Dan & Rose's house The girls laughing their way through the photo album.  There are lots of 
silly Larry pictures in there! 

The boys enjoying story time

  We had a lot of bear activity around our house recently, so all walks
were accompanied by a rifle.  Here we are, armed and enjoying the

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