Chinese New Year
February 10, 2013

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My friends Shasha and Chunhai invited me to a Chinese New Year party on the 10th.  It was a fun time, I'm really glad I went.  
They had a big crowd but everything flowed very smoothly Jiayi laughing with her mother-in-law Jinlian Liu
 Jiayi, Wei's Mom, and a friend I apologize for the bad picture, but it was the best
I could do.  I wanted to capture this because they
were announcing their engagement here.  Congratulations!!!!!
 We had singing, Chinese drums, and a traditional dance for entertainment.
Time for Hong Bao!  Red envelopes of cash for the kids. 
Always a big hit! 

Jiayi Chen, Isabel Li, Wei's dad Ke'an Li, Wei's mom Jinlian Liu, and Wei Li



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