GHK Cheyenne Days
August 26, 2005

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One Friday afternoon we boarded a tour bus with all of Eric's co-workers to attend GHK Cheyenne Days.  This is an annual celebration that GHK puts on for the town of Cheyenne, OK.  We started with a tour of two drilling sites and a gas plant.  Then we arrived at the park in Cheyenne where we gave away GHK merchandise and feasted on the free cookout food.  It started to rain before we got to hear Pake McEntire, but it was a good festival nonetheless.

Views of the wells





 We toured this gas plant but no one knew any
 of the details so we just stared at it for awhile.
 The guys putting up the cover while Greg St. Clair did a little rain dance  Here we are giving away hats, t-shirts, Frisbees and stuff.



We met these guys when we toured the snubbing unit. 
They were really fun, we enjoyed talking to them.
They wanted me to make it clear that they are not gay.

The mayor thanking the Hefners


   More give-aways 

Eric, in his usual 'party pose'  
(off by himself, frowning)      


The rain couldn't stop the great Frisbee battle


Most people use umbrellas, these guys  
use an entire tent for rain protection.     

  All done, time to head for home.

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