Charlie Robison Concert
Thursday, August 29

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Charlie Robison came back to town for another show at the Garden in the Heights.  Last time I didn't take my camera.  This time I did and we took 93 pictures!  Not all of them were site-worthy, but there were enough to show what a good time we had. 


Getting started... The great sandal debate - Heather found some cute shoes but Tammy couldn't find any that suited her.  I think they looked at every pair, so they gave it a good try!
We found Steve - no small accomplishment in that crowd  
Steve showing off his regal profile. 
I've noticed that Tom spends a lot of time laughing at Steve.


Here we are with some people we don't know / the future Perfettas / and a bad shot of Charlie  (It was dark, don't blame me!)

We were smilin', dancin', and singin'

Woo hoo! Heather is checking out that bicep,
Steve doesn't seem to think she's properly impressed

Seems there was some beer
spillage going on in Tom's area

We were told to act like we like each other...

This is actually a pose,
they weren't carrying him
(I promise!)
  Tammy & Evan
Tongue tricks Acting sober Group hug!

 Us IT folks have to stick together Heather took a group shot of us
Then a nice policeman offered to take one of all of us Here's the nice policeman now.  "To protect and to serve"
It's a tough job, but he was up for the challenge. 
(Of course, he ran us out of there immediately after this...)
Giggle buddies  
Back to the truck Winding down

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