Calvary Chapel OKC - Baptism Picnic
July 13, 2013

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Each year our church gathers at Lake Arcadia for a baptism and cookout gathering.  This year we were blessed with "less than torture" levels of heat for mid-July.  This has been the coolest July I can remember.  We were all grateful for the chance to get together and celebrate the new life we all share.  Eric was still in Montana so he missed out this year, but I'm sure he was having a great time with his brothers.  
 Candice and Marguerite  Levi, Kayla, and Micah
 Nathaniel & Mark Kevin & Larissa's girls, being sweet to the Basset puppy
 My Montana relatives wonder why I'm so amazed by their clear water  Myra with Micah and Pastor Ken
 Lori & Dan Adams with Tim  Candice kindly took this for me
Tanisha  Shocking!!

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