CCOKC Cookout and Baptism at Arcadia
Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Our church has an annual cookout and baptism at my "happy place", Lake Arcadia.  Usually we have it in June but the flood caused a delay.  Lots of CCOKC'ers braved the heat to enjoy a great day together.  There were 11 baptisms that day, which was totally awesome.  We love Jesus!
Imagined dialogue:  "You go in first", "No, you go", "Make me" Eric kicks back while chatting with Greg & JR 
 Doesn't Kathy look pretty and cool in her hat?
Christine performing her latest Rap song for Heather.
J/K - sorry Christine, I thought it was funny! :-)
Momma's lap isn't really big enough for all this love! I won't tell you who stuck rabbit ears into this otherwise lovely 
picture of Ray & Kathy... Hint: his initials are Pastor Ken.
 Chad & Eric, chatting it up Our great friend Eron got baptized, it was awesome to see.
 This is why we love Lena - she makes us feel like we are so funny!
 It looks like Micah just hurt Levi's feelings or something.  
 It's OK - Eron will take up for him.

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