Calvary Chapel of OKC at Arcadia
June 20, 2009

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Our church hosts an annual baptism and picnic at Lake Arcadia each year.  Last year we were brand new to the church and were too shy to attend (if you can believe that.)  This year we're feeling very much at home and had a great time.  It is such a family atmosphere at this church, I can't believe I ever felt shy there!

Shall we gather by the river?  Oh wait, this is a lake.  Oh well. Right after this my blanket was
hit by the fastest dog pee-sniper in the west.  He peed on my blanket before anyone knew he
was even thinking about it.

   Our friends Chris & Ray provided the tunes during the baptism.
 Think they're related?!
At the last minute, Eric decided to get baptized again.  
We feel so at home at CCOKC, it felt like the natural thing to do.
 Eric & Micah - no doubt discussing how cool Micah looked that day.
 (We harassed him for being the best dressed at the picnic!)
 Christy looks on as the guys make wisecracks.
 Here my friend Wendy gets the food ready for everyone.  Our friends Mark & Candice
 Tonya & Dub in a deep discussion while Kendall cooks for everyone.  Our friends Greg & Janie
 Our friends Micah and Christy  Isn't she a total cutie?
Me with James' mother Pat, she is a very sweet lady.  The Hammonds with Pastor Ken & friends.

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