December 2012

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I got a wonderful new camera recently.  I really want to practice my photography skills and it just so happens that I have three willing subjects as a captive audience.  Enjoy!  
This is a wonderful ornament our pet sitter made for us. I love 
imagining the "cat rodeo" she endured to get these paw prints. 
Poor Lily had to wear the 'cone of shame' after her spay
surgery when she wouldn't leave the stitches alone.  
We think Lily is the perfect name for our kitten.  It is so 
versatile to fit her every mood.  Here she is being "Tiger Lily".  
Now she's being "Lily of the Valley"
In this one she shows off her "Peace Lily" personality
(We don't see this one much.)  



When she's near Rocket you see how small she still is,
so then we call her "Lily-pution"  (lilliputian)

Or, we call her Rocket's Mini-Me.  He is her mentor - 
which means she'll have a host of bad habits very soon.


 Close ups of all the cute cat faces.  Lily Feisty
 Another Feisty And Rocket
 This is a rare occasion - I caught all three cats in one picture!   


The following shots show a glimpse of how Rocket & Feisty's world has changed since we got a kitten.

First, Rocket is hanging out, napping as he so enjoys.

Then he is noticed by Lily, who thinks his tail looks
like a really awesome toy. 


And, this is where it always ends.  Ears back, claws out,
a fun time is had by all.  Don't let him fool you - he loves it! 


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