Camping with Jeb & Amy's crew
June 25 & 26, 2016

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We enjoyed a lovely campout with Jeb, Amy, Madison, Colter, and Aubrey in the Flathead National Forest.  Our campground was near Polebridge, MT, just west of Glacier Park.  Our views were of the North Fork of the Flathead River and the mountains of Glacier Park - stunning!  Then we topped it off by heading into the park to explore Bowman Lake, which was truly breathtaking.  I felt like I had walked into a Post Card!   
 We took the scenic route to the campground though National Forest most of the way.
 This is the landing site for a big avalanche sometime in the past.
Me exploring a small creek at the area where we met up with Jeb & the Gang
 Eric had to check out the pump at the nearby cabin Me with the river behind me, the mountains were mostly covered by clouds at that point

Setting up camp - what a sweet spot!

 Smoky picture of the family roasting hot dogs and catching up  Aubrey has an endless supply of energy.  I wish she could share it!
 We didn't have enough chairs so we just had to make do the best we could.  


 The clouds lifted for us the next day.  We got a beautiful, warm, sunny day to enjoy together.

 Eric acts as a consultant while Madison works on the fire Volleyball time
Colter & Eric, staring at the fish they'd catch if only they had more grasshoppers An old beaver dam
 Aubrey, Colter, and Jeb enjoying the day Beautiful meadow near our camping area.  The wildflowers were blooming everywhere.
 Grasshoppers beware!  Colter needed bait.  Heading out to Bowman Lake
 This was our first visit to Polebridge.  What a cute little spot! Arteests at work. 
 Heading out on the short trail to the lake.  


 Beautiful Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park - amazing


Jeb and Amy chatting with the first of two friends we ran into that day. They know
people everywhere we go! 

   Me & the beautiful lake

Amy, convincing Jeb that the trail beside the lake wasn't a hike - just a short stroll.
(Hiking is not Jeb's thing, unless it is from one golf green to the next tee box.)  

 Aubrey and Jeb on the trail Madison and Colter keeping some distance from the boring grown-ups! 
 Soaking it in Me & my Okie friends are not used to water that you can see through.  It's a neat experience. 

Here we try to keep up with Aubrey, who is way ahead of us on the trail

Eric checking out the stability of that partially fallen tree before going under it  

 Final views of that lovely spot


The view out the back window of Jeb's truck - Colter was airing out the dogs

  Tourist info sign at Polebridge

 Back at the campsite, the mountains were showing off for us





I used to do a photo series called, "Put Your Feet Up"
which I think I need to revive.  Here's one for the collection

 There were two dogs in this boat, having the best day ever  
Lovely mountain wildflowers  The mountains being photo-bombed by a tree! 
 Colter returning from a fishing trip using a very innovative lure He used a hot dog tied inside a baggie.  I'll bet the fish have never seen that before!
More mountain wildflowers  On the drive out, we got to see a black bear.  Here he is heading for the trees.
 When he got to the first tree, he stood up and gave it a hug.  
 Then he turned around and started giving himself a back scratch.  



Then he looked directly at us.
It almost looks like he's giving us a wave.



I was pretty excited so I took a lot of pictures of him.




We drove out a different way and saw more beautiful sights along the way.


 This area was burned by a huge forest fire back in the late 80's 


 Views of the Canola fields in Kalispell with the sun lighting them up.  Beautiful.  What a great trip! 


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