Cami & Logan's Wedding
July 9, 2016

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We were blessed to add yet another member to the family this month in the form of Logan Harwood, new husband to Cami Casazza, Mark's only daughter.  We were doubly blessed by the fact that Cami & Logan wanted to have their wedding on our property.  The wedding was on a hill near our house and the reception was in our barn.  Cami & her posse completely transformed our barn into a beautiful wedding wonderland.  
This was at the rehearsal dinner, but the prep work for Mark continued Hannah in her "bridezilla" bling, going to town on that hot dog.
You can tell she has 4 brothers, she's learned to eat fast or lose it! 

Crowd shot - the rehearsal dinner was held at the Casazza ranch, where the boys grew up

  Eric, doing the obligatory pointing stance for which the Casazza boys are famous
 The rehearsal dinner after-party was rousing games of Cribbage and Spot It at our house  

Amazed to be up past dark, we decided to check out the decorations in the barn

   I LOVED having a schedule - what a great idea!  Jodi did the beautiful writing.
 One of Cami's "hay couches" that came in handy for seating The barn, ready for action
 Lovely decor These candy dish signs say 'I'm stuck on you", "I chews u", and "Mint to be"

A look back at our house from the barn, we have planted trees and put some rock around

The drink cart. Cami's grandpa Mick made this and most of the decor for her  
 Another hay couch  The calm before the storm

The girls came in to 'hide' from the guest before the ceremony started, so I snapped a couple of pictures



 I thought this display of beautiful boots in our mud room was photo-worthy The bridesmaid bouquets were so pretty

It was a strange feeling to see a parking lot out our front door, what a good crowd!

  This was about 10 minutes before the wedding, Lucas & Kristi were
wrestling Hannah into her dress.  Nothing like pre-wedding stress! 
 Guests, anxious to begin Larry, showing off his stylish white socks
 Ready for the ceremony on top of the hill Somehow I was allowed into the 'handsome Casazza boys' section
 Logan escorting the mothers  It's all been leading to this moment, Jodi is so proud
 Lilly abandoned her post, as did Hannah.  Flower-girling is for girls!  The wedding party awaiting the bride

Here comes the bride!

 I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so you get them both.

 Dan Sr asking who gives this woman Then Mark took over to officiate the ceremony

Because he is Mark, there were several jokes! 

  This little guy was a super trooper, he hung in there the whole time
 Mark, bringing more smiles Pouring the sand
 Grandpa Dan giving the blessing on the marriage You may kiss the bride!
 I hope to find out what they saw that made them all react like this.  My guess is that
 Jeb was involved.
Beautiful confetti send-off

Rose & our house & the mountains.  We were so thankful the rain finally stopped just in
time for the service.  It had been raining all day, right up to 30 minutes before the ceremony.

  Mother & daughter, and best friends 
 It says, "I loved her first" Beautiful nieces - Katherine (Katie), Madison, and Kaitlyn
 Being more their usual selves The bride & groom with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Rose

The festivities begin at the barn.  The Casazza clan seemed to cluster out back.

  The infamous bouncy house.  Braden was the hero of the day in a
bounce house story which I will not retell here.
 The head table, ready for action Crowd shot
 Hay couch being put to good use First dance, with assorted Casazzas in the background

The Anniversary Dance, where everyone stays on the dance floor until you learn 
who has been married the longest.  These were the 45-years and up crowd.
Father-daughter dance 

Here we anxiously await the reveal of how long the longest-married couple have been

 Dan & Rose are at 51 years  
 These grandparents of Logan's have been married 58 years!  Bouquet toss - last year Cami was involved in a bouquet toss brawl at Ashely's wedding.
This year when Kaitlyn got a hand on it, everyone knew to give way because she is strong!

They put the garter on a football for the boys, which was a hit.  Cody (Cami's brother)
caught it, although I don't think he has any interest in being a groom anytime soon.

 Kaitlyn used her volleyball skills to snatch it out of the air  
He didn't want the garter, but a Casazza has to be the one to catch the ball, it's like a rule Cami's daycare kids enjoying a dance with the bride

Mark busting a move on the dance floor.  He was so relieved to have the wedding over! 

 Rose wanted evidence that she was indeed holding this jar.  Jodi asked
 her to hold the jar and then quite a bit of time elapsed, but she did her job!
 Here he treats Jodi to some personalized moves.  I think she's trying to cover
 Colt's eyes so he won't be scarred for life! 
Too late, he's scarred.
 Lilly, looking adorable with her CapriSun  These truants have been out fishing
 Kaitlyn, Cami, and Madison It doesn't feel right that we're the 'older generation' now, but that seems to be the case.
Casazza wives: Tracie (Dan's), me (Eric's), Mary Beth (Larry's), and Amy (Jeb's)

We may be older, but we can still act silly sometimes.

  Lilly, being happy.  What you didn't see was her trying to rip Cody's lips off
only moments before.  
Two of Jeb's beauties - Madison & Amy.  They look more like sisters than 
mother & daughter.
One of the most stylish photo-bombs I've ever seen.  My mom needs to take 
notes.  Mom, you can add this to your photo-bomb repertoire.
 One quick serious picture with Colter before... he goes all Jeb on us again
 Jodi, celebrating the end of the stress! Is there some kind of 3-foot clearance rule I wasn't aware of?  

Lovely sunset that evening

  Good picture of Dan, trying not to stress over the fact that Kaitlyn caught the bouquet
 Family picture of Jeb & Amy's crew - Madison, Aubrey, Jeb, Amy, and Colter Stealing their selfie - Rebecca, Matt (Rebecca's beau), and Katie
Sparkler send-off.  See the ghostly image of the bride and groom to the right?
Let's pretend I did that on purpose.
They think sparklers are going off every time they kiss even on normal days.  

Dan, Rose, Kaitlyn, Storm (Madison's beau), Madison, and Katie - all sparkling


All pictures up to this point have been mine.  Now I give you some different perspectives.

This section are pictures I shamelessly copied from Facebook

Also, I got overwhelmed trying to sort them in chronological order, so consider this a grab-bag

 Lilly, hanging out in our house before the wedding.  Hannah, in her "Petal Patrol" cute outfit

Beautiful girls heading to the wedding - Lilly, Aubrey, and Ashley

Cody escorting Ashley into the wedding


This says, "...and they lived happily ever after"

 Beautiful family - soon to have one more!   

The first dance with the kids heckling.  OK, only Aubrey was heckling.

  Brother & sister, Cody & Cami

Cami & Rebecca
These girls are almost the same age.

  Dan & Rose, watching all that has come from their union
 A very relieved Jodi & Mark after the wedding Bridesmaids into the sunset
 Confetti celebration I told you Lilly had been ripping his lips off! 

The barn at night

  Beautiful shot of the happy couple

Jeb somehow getting all the pretty girls to dance with him

  She's just here for the cake! 

Youngest son Colt, escorted by his mom & dad as they leave the ceremony

 Jodi's Mom Marilyn, Cami, and Jodi  

Lilly checking out the drinks.  "Hey, this looks better than my bottle!"

 Kissin' that bride!  
 Everybody dancing with Hannah Katie, Cami, and Rebecca looking lovely
Dan's daughters Ashley & Kaitlyn, beautiful girls The girls posing with the false front that hid the port-a-pottys
 3 generations of happy women Katie and Cami sportin' some attitude

Rebecca & Cami

Colt & Aubrey preceeding the bride. The sign says, "Here comes the love of your life"  

Fun at the photo booth

 Cousins enjoying a dance together Kaitlyn, Cami, and Madison

Aubrey and Cami cutting a rug


The pictures from this point on are all Rebecca's (or were taken with her camera)

A lot of the ones I got off Facebook were hers too.  That girl is good with her new camera! 



Scenes of Colt during the ceremony.
 I call this, "A study in boredom"


Even the sky was celebrating

 Mr. & Mrs. Logan Harwood  

Katie, Madison, and Kaitlyn

  Cupcakes and muffins were much more practical than cake!
 First dance, I'm lurking in the doorway back there beside the beautiful Amy Speaking of beautiful, here are two of Larry's beauties - Mary Beth and Katie

Ashley & Cody

  Rebecca & Matt.  They say it's going to be years before they do this.

The anniversary dance.  Do you see a profile you recognize in the doorway? 

  It almost looks like Larry is trying a football tackle here, but they were 
This is the first time Cody & Ashley have ever danced.
And I did not intentionally photo bomb this shot.
Beautiful picture of Tracie & Dan.  She looks just like Olivia 
Newton-John in this picture!  
 Normally I wouldn't use such a bad picture of us, but this 
 is the only picture from the wedding of us together.
 Lilly kept stealing the show

Great action shot of the bouquet grab

  And the winner is...Kaitlyn!
Again, Rebecca got awesome action shots of the garter/football catch Cody is on it


 Larry's Lovelies

 Groomsmen being very NSync Go Logan! 
 Lilly wants to take a case or so of water bottles home with her Carter, Lucas & Kristi's youngest son, he's a heartbreaker.  What a sweetheart.

I think this is the only picture I got of the beautiful front Mick made for the port-a-pottys.
It said, "Hens" and "Roosters" and had real flower boxes and windows and everything.

  Partners in crime, working on their next plan of action.
Casazzas loitering behind the barn  Dan & Larry

Rebecca got a better shot of us girls - Tracie, Me, Mary Beth, and Amy

 Rebecca's boyfriend Matt auditioning for a role as a Casazza family male.
 Jeb, Larry, Dan, and Matt

Besties and beauties

 There is a certain amount of hazing that goes on for any male who wants to 
 date a Casazza female
Happy Kaitlyn and Katie
 A bit more serious now Ashley & Katie
 ...and they lived happily ever after! Kaitlyn and Katie getting busted at the candy area of the Kid's corner
 Matt & Rebecca Beautiful sisters - Katie & Rebecca, Larry's girls
 Lovin' on Aubrey Larry's girls
 These two were a force, they shut the party down One last look at the barn before we started doing the tear-down.  It was a beautiful wedding!

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