Tuolumne, California
February 21 - 24, 2014

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We had a wonderful trip to California to visit Cassy, Serene, Jess and Chance this month.  We were especially blessed that our old friends Steve and Helen Fekete just happened to be coming for a short visit during our stay.  It was so great seeing all of them again - and meeting that precious girl Serene.  We had perfect weather and met some of Cassy's wonderful friends and family.
 I had a little trouble packing for the trip - there was a blockage. Eric's first meeting with Serene.  She wasn't very shy, just thoughtful.
 Steve, working over Jess with love in the style that she deserves. Serene has a very intense stare - I think Steve lost this staring contest! 
A great playground is only a short walk away, so we had 
to go enjoy it with Serene and Jess.
Serene doesn't need toys - there is an amazing universe  
to be explored and closely analyzed.  
 Steve and Eric chill after playing fetch with Jess Serene, checking the quality of fabric in Eric's shirt
 Now Steve knows how to have a good time - upside down! I should have taken a video of this, nothing beats a baby's laugh!

Group shot using the timer - good friends
  Out to dinner - Serene was always good, whether hungry or 
tired or whatever, she took everything in stride.
 Steve, Serene, Helen (with baby Fekete!!), and Cassy Beautiful Jess.  I love this sweet girl.
This poster is around town advertising the upcoming memorial run. Cutie pie Serene in that fun hat - ready to walk to breakfast!
Beautiful breakfast and the awesome Revive Cafe, we loved it. On the road to a nice walk, Jess & I enjoying the car.
Serene with the wind in her hair, I think she liked it.  This baby backpack gets a lot of use, Serene loved it.
 Heading on a lovely 'Rails to Trails' walk.  
   A rare thing - everyone looking at the camera! 
 After our walk we had birthday present time.  I made "Summerville Bears" hats for both Serene and Cassy.
 Two very thoughtful faces I threw the ball for Jess until she quit bringing it back.  She was happy.
 Sweet Jess enjoying her front porch perch. Very nice dinner with Cassy, Serene, Chance, Michael, and Melody.
 Uncle Chance is a GREAT uncle!! Eric, sharing the love. He used to carry her in the woods 
when she was a puppy.
   Dining al fresco - you got a little somthin' somethin' 
 Noodle nose
This is Pinecrest Lake when we visited for Luc & Cassy's wedding in 2006   They have had a severe drought, so the lake was almost dry.
 We did a great 2 1/2 hour walk around the lake. A bald eagle we saw along the way.
 Michael watches the eagle fly away.  Beautiful trail
 There was a little water left in the lake near the dam Jess, playing fetch in the water - she loved this.
Speaking of loving the water, Serene is passionate about water.  She wanted to get into that cold water!
 Beautiful scenery The girls leading the way
 Waiting with Michael for others to pass The girls in their element - outdoors! 
Serene says, "You were just going to walk past this 
interesting specimen?  It must be investigated!" 
Jess says, "You were just going to walk past this wonderful
stick?  It must be fetched!" 
 The girls send us off from the front porch of their lovely house.  
 Some beautiful professional shots they had done right before we arrived.  Aren't they great?! 



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