Goodbye Stacie!
December 12, 2002

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Stacie came on the scene as an intern living with our friend Tammy in October and was immediately one of our best friends.  Unfortunately, all good things have to end and so did her internship. We had a happy hour for her at Sam's Pub to celebrate her last night in town.  It was a fun time, great memories!


Amy's boyfriend Dan was also in town that night,
we always like having him around.

Someone's telling a good story!


I don't think he believes her!

  Amy & Dan - together at last!
Truong joined us later that night (after the Simpson's, of course!)  

One of many rounds
of shots that Truong
purchased that night

  Truong made a rose for Stacie out of a napkin - very sweet!

Again with the shots...




This is us at our best... and then a shot of how we really are!

What's a guy to do?  PJ kicking butt at Golden Tee

Heather, "helping" PJ with the video games
Dan being cornered by a Schlumberger wanna-be  

Goodbye Stacie - we'll all miss you!


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