Bull Riding and Blues in Tahlequah
October 1, 2004

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Desirae's friends from the Keetoowahs had a big event in Tahlequah - a big Bull Riding event intermixed with three live bands.  Of course, Desirae thought of me since live music and bull riding are two of my very favorite spectator sports.  The weather tried to get the better of us, but we toughed it out and didn't let a little cold weather ruin our fun.  It was great to meet my sister's friends and see all the good entertainment. 

This is Team James, Nancy, and Desirae

   A bad shot of a very feisty bull
 Red Dawn - a wonderful Native American Blues band  Chuck & Desirae

 She's too sexy!

 A shot from backstage, where we got to hang between sets.
 This was taken while Smilin' Vic was preparing to take the stage.
  Chuck's Uncle & Cousin are in Red Dawn
  This is a family picture.


The next day Desirae was kind enough to get up extra early and drive
me to Westville so that I could see Dad on the day before his birthday.  
Thank you for doing that little girl, it was very sweet of you!


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