Lincoln County Fair & The Bull Thing
August 28 & 29, 2015

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The Friday night before Eric came back to Montana, the smoke cleared long enough for me to enjoy an evening at the county fair here in Eureka. The following night, most of the family gathered at The Bull Thing.  This is a bull-riding competition that's been going on for over a decade, but this year was PBR sanctioned.  It was a really good event.

My first stop was the quilt building, of course! 
  I would love to make a smaller version of this as a wall hanging.

Being a big fan of beets, I had to take a picture of this huge beet
 The back side of this quilt was as impressive as the front.  Amazing work!  
Our friends Jeff, Stella, and Declan at the wheel barrow races Next was the calf chase, that was a fun show

This was the best part - that kid hung on for half the length of the arena.
I think the picture was blurry because I was laughing so hard.
  Our friend Amy with Declan enjoying the three-legged race
These two were adorable.  She fell forward and couldn't get up, her Mom came and 
stood her up, then she immediately fell backward. Mom had to carry them both out!  
Egg toss - dramatic event
Tug of War: Males against Females.  See the girls celebrating their victory?
A man in the stands behind me grumbled, "They had a lot more weight on that side..."  
Now it's Saturday night, Eric is back from OKC, and it's time for The Bull Thing


 One chance to see the cowboys before they're beaten and banged up by as many as 4 rides in one night.
 Three rides would typically be the best you could do, but some got a re-ride.

Pat Triplett - an old friend of the family.  He was one of the stock contractors
for the event, and his son Matt (ranked #4 in the world at the time) was a 
local favorite.
Warning, LOTS of bull riding pictures ahead.
 This is the one second just before he got launched into the air  
 There were some really good bulls there that night  

  That huge bull must be at least a foot into the air.  Those things are super strong. 

Bad place to be

This bull was a spinner.  You can almost see the twisting action in this picture.

Ouch - glad this guy wore a helmet,, otherwise he would have had a broken nose.

This is the kind of thing that could give a guy nightmares
  The announcer, bull fighters, and the clown.  The clown was a hoot.  
   I wonder if all professional bull riders end up with shoulder replacement surgery

The bull fighters in action

Crunch, this poor boy landed right on his head
  Gerald Eash (pronounced with the G, not Jerald) was the only truly local boy in the event, 
and was a crowd favorite.  He lives in Trego and is a brother to our pastor.  His bull was lazy at first.
 Now the bull remembers how this things works  Here Gerald levitates over the back of the bull

Action shot of the dismount
  This bull looks so soft and furry to me, but I doubt if it likes to be petted
One more shot of the action. This bull tries to chase his rider but the bull  fighter 
stepped right in front of him. That fighter took about 3 very hard hits that night.

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