Buddy Enters the Family
February 10, 2018

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For quite some time, Eric had wanted to add a dog to our existing zoo of 3 cats.  I had a lot of hesitation, but I had great memories of our pet dogs when I was young so I secretly wanted a dog too.  I finally broke down in February and we adopted Buddy from The Bella Foundation.  His foster mother LaLisa was a huge blessing to us with the patient help and advice she gave to us as we adjusted to having an indoor dog for the first time in our lives.  It was a BIG adjustment!  But, he's worth it. 
Here we are at The Bella Foundation adoption event at a local PetSmart, getting Buddy. After his first visit to the groomer.  The bandana did not last.  Notice his curly-Q tail?  It is cute! 

On our first walk with him, we chose a route that's 2 miles long.  He made it 1 mile before
opting to have Eric carry him the rest of the way home.  

I'm happy to report that his stamina has greatly improved since then, now he can run
for an hour solid and still have energy to spare.  But if you just want to carry him, he 
would be happy to indulge you in that!   

 Making himself at home.
Eric, enjoying his new puppy.  Each day when Eric comes home, Buddy gets so happy
that he loses his mind for a few minutes.  It is quite the greeting.  
He accompanies me on my errands on most days.  He's a regular at the post office!  

This sums up how the cats feel about this new addition to the family.  They are not pleased.  

   You have a ham sammich and I have no ham sammich...

I was having trouble doing my job because he always wanted to sit in my lap.  Then I 
fixed him up this super-cool lounge area right beside my office chair and that did the trick.  

  He & I did basic obedience training this spring.  He was the only dog 
who hung in there until the end, so he graduated at the top of his class! 
Sleeping in the sun next to Mom's stinky shoes.  Does it get better than that?  I doubt it.  Lily was terrified for the first 3 months.  She mostly lived in the guest room or on 
top of the kitchen cabinets. She is less afraid now, but still does not like him. 
In the winter he had this ruff around his neck that was almost like a lion's mane.
It went away when he lost his winter coat.  We had thought about dyeing it purple!  
The first time one of the cats was willing to nap in his general vicinity.  Feisty is adjusting
to him better than the two gray cats.  

He has discovered that rabbits live under our shed, so even a rare snowy day couldn't
keep him from investigating the rabbit den.

  He likes to sleep in this sunny spot in the mornings because he can watch 
me in the kitchen from there, while still having a prime sleeping location. 
Lily takes advantage of Buddy's nap to get a sniff at one of his toys.  

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