Brodie in the Hospital
February 2015

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Poor Brodie got very sick in late January and ended up spending about 6 days in the hospital.  It was a scary deal.  He kept getting sicker while in the hospital and a diagnosis was never found.  We are thankful to God that he eventually started getting better.  They made us wear gowns and masks when we were with him - not sure if it was to protect us from his mystery illness or to protect him from germs from the outside.  We did what they said in case it was the latter.  He was so thrilled to be allowed to go home! 
Here he is on day 5, when he had started to improve.
He named his IV stand "Franklin." 
Here he is MeMaw showing off the moves he used on the nurses.
He'd wink and ask, "Hey good lookin', whatcha cookin'?"  
 Discharge day!  Woo hoo!    

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