Brodie Turns 4
March 5th & 6th, 2016

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We had one of the most beautiful March days you could imagine one Saturday, which thankfully fell on the day Brodie was to visit the Tulsa Zoo for his 4th birthday.  I got to join the trip and had a great time trying to keep up with him.  We then went back to Gore to spend another day at Keith & Desirae's.  We sadly missed his official party, but we got in a lot of good visiting time.
These statues at the entrance captivated him for a while Brodie using his camera I gave him for Christmas
Enjoying the fake elephants  Then getting up close and personal with a real elephant
Now we're VERY personal with the elephant, as he shows us his bottom "Finally, an animal that's not locked in a cage so I can chase it!"
I think he was OK with the rattlesnake being behind glass Sea horses are one of the coolest things.  God is very imaginative. 
The monkeys were playing on their little bridge Speaking of imaginative creations, these Flamingos certainly qualify
Bad picture, but I wanted to capture the way their knees bend backward The train was probably the highlight of the zoo for Brodie, he loves rides
Lovin' the train, but not the whistle All aboard - woo hoo!
Here he really gets into driving the boat He knows how this works from playing in PePaw's boat all the time
Brodie was thrilled with his front row seat... Until the sea lion got a little too close for comfort
Brodie is as interested in watching people as penguins, just like his MeMaw Driving the "honk honk" 
Checking to see if he had run over me Man on the move

He needed a hug from Mom when the lion started roaring
  Rock climbing!  This is what Uncle Eric did all day that Saturday.
 Topping out the route King of the mountain
 I wanna do it again! And again, and again...

On the carousel with Aunt Shawnna


We arrived back in Gore in time for an epic water balloon fight with his Mom.


 He started very strong On the attack
Here he comes again  He's not even touching the ground! 

Time to fill another set of balloons
 Moment of impact  
 Here he comes again With great intensity
His Mom unleashes the big splash on him He's just a bit wet, but he loved every minute of it
Now Uncle Eric has joined us.  Here he keeps Brodie company while he eats.
The next morning I heard Brodie ask, "Who will sit with me while I eat?"  
 It's Brodie's birthday!  Here he jumps up and down at his first look at his presents. He got a real working dump truck from his Granny & Pa Bloomer
Eric, helping him get into one of his many gifts Since he was a baby he's always had that snarl that he uses on special occasions
 Getting serious about opening the gifts Woo hoo - a Dinosaur Explorer!  He loved it.  Good job Mom and Dad.
The best way to play with new toys is to line them up. Including army men.  It was about an hour's work to set up the army, 
and about 4 minutes to knock them all down.
 Watching the 'growing animal capsules' with great interest Nuzzling on Uncle Eric's beard a little as he started to get sleepy
 The big reveal of PePaw & MeMaw's gift of a 4-wheeler (or 4-layler in Brodie-speak.)  
 I'm told he said, "What do we have here?  I will ride this when I grow up to be a young man." 

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