Brodie Turns 2!
March, 2014

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Brodie's 2nd birthday was on March 6th.  We celebrated with a family party on the 8th.  I was very glad to attend this year since I'd missed his 1st birthday party for being in China this time last year.  Desirae did a great job throwing the party - she is gifted in this area.  The theme was 'Tractors' - a huge favorite of Brodie's.  A great time was had by all.
Brodie thinks anything that appears to have wheels
should be pushed all around the house - even piñatas.  
 Here he gets his first glimpse of the sweet tractor ride MeMaw & PePaw got him.
The older ladies gathered on the couch where things were quieter. Uh oh, Brodie just got a tool set as a gift - including a realistic drill!
 Each family member got to experience the drill at some point Here he uses it to "fix" the tractor tire, while his Dad checks
out the rest of the tool kit.
 These boys love their tools  

A view of the adorable table decorations that Desirae set up.

 Here Brodie asks for some of that lovely cake... And this is the 2-year-old sad lip that tells us what the answer was.
At this age, "Not yet" sounds exactly like "NOT EVER!!" 
 Back to the tools, now he's thinking hard about using those pliers  Next PePaw reads him a story
 Keith demonstrates various methods of choke holds on his
 lovely bride.
"Momma, why does it take so long to open the boxes?!
 It's been forever, I counted!"  
This was a toy I gave him that he liked, except for those 
times when it would drive on its own.  He hates toys that
move by themselves.   
 Here Gran helps him open another gift.  
Another toy from me - this one won the award of least liked
toy of the day.  His comment was, "No like it!"  
Thankfully he did like the lion bag I made for him, 
I'd rather him enjoy the hand-made gifts anyway!
Now we're talkin!  The Shieldnights gave him this 
monster Tonka dump truck - big hit! 
Speaking of big hits, Mom says it's time for cake!!  

Oh yeah, bring it on...
  PePaw does the honors
 And Brodie knows how to take it from there! Turns out, icing up your nose isn't as fun as you might imagine. 
 Prisser provides a cleaning service at no extra charge.  Gran and Brodie make Play-Dough snakes
 Oops, we're crashing from our sugar rush Got a second wind now to start drilling things again.
 And so, let's try drilling ourselves in the ear. This leads to a talk from Daddy about things we do not do with the drill.
That evening at bedtime, I was honored to be the reader in the
nightly bedtime book festival.  Here's how I described it to Mom

I loved my story time with him – even though it’s a bit like WWF wrestling!  He acts like he gets an electric shock from the words, “The End” by the way he leaps to his feet and starts jumping up and down after you say it.  Then when you get the next book it’s a body slam down into ‘listening position’, then he turns into the quietest, calmest little boy ever – but only until the next “The End”!  It was really cute. 

Happy Birthday Brodie! 


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