Branson Girl's Weekend
October 2018

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This is the second year that Mom has generously taken the three of us Morton women to Branson for a girl's weekend.  Another fun time was had by all of us, even though the weather tried to freeze us out with an unusually cold spell. We ignored the weather and had a great time seeing all the shows we could see in 3 days. 
We started at the Illusionist Rick Thomas show.  It was a good show, but I didn't take any pictures there.  
Desirae and I enjoyed watching Mom be amazed at all his unexplainable magic tricks.
Here we are at the Presley's show, for old time sake.  My parents have been 
bringing us girls to the Presley show since I was a little girl - and that was ages ago! 
Here we are cracking up after taking that last shot. 
 Presley show in action Mom, making us be the only adults lining up to get our photo with "Cecil" & "Herkimer" Presley
My favorite show was also the most low key.  The George Jones and friends show
was like sitting in with a group of talented musicians while they goofed around together. 
Here we are at the amazing production of Moses at the Sight & Sound theater. Impressive show! 
And what visit to Branson would be complete without seeing Legends in Concert?
This time there was no Johnny Cash with his fly open, but it was a good show all the same.

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