Branson Weekend
October 2017

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I spent Friday night at the Bloomer ranch, my first time to see Brodie and Keith since the spring.  Then early the next morning Desirae and I picked up Mom and headed for our fun weekend in Branson, Missouri.  It was a lot of fun!  

He ain't scared! 

We had fun with Brodie's new zip line.  It was scary leaving the platform!    
His Dad performs the job of cushion to keep him from hitting the tree. Our first show in Branson was quite the sight.  Johnny Cash had his fly open!  
This was the Legends concert, and was a lot of fun. This show was amazing.  They had live animals, 180 degree stages, 
and very talented performers, it was really an amazing production.  

The Morton Girls at the Moses show.

  At the Mel Tillis singing cafe, where the wait staff serenade you as you eat.  
Hits of the 60's and 50's show, it was really entertaining.  Bluegrass band at Dolly Parton's Stampede theater.  I love bluegrass music. 

Ready for our no-silverware dinner at the Stampede show

  One of the many fun and impressive acts at the stampede

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