Morton-Bloomer Wedding
May 10, 2008

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We were very happy to join the celebration of the marriage of Keith Bloomer and Desirae Morton (my little sister.)  She kindly included me as a maid of honor along with her best friend Nancy Wolf.  Eric did the ushering and Mom & Dad took the role of parents of the bride.  It was a beautiful wedding and, even more important, a beautiful marriage.  I know God will surely bless them in their new life together.
The wedding was held at Camp Egan near Tahlequah, OK.  It was a beautiful location and the people there were extremely helpful.
 The reception hall  The chapel
 The sign-in table The area for the rehearsal dinner put on by the Bloomer family

 Can you believe they gave me a "cooking" chore for the wedding?!!  
I was tasked with making all these chocolate covered strawberries and
I didn't even mess it up - amazing!

 A view of the scenery outside the reception hall Mom with some decorative sticks
 A view of the creek below the reception and chapel area  Zoe checking out the head table
 This is Desi holding Gracie, who she calls, "Mini Me" Dad & Desi decided to wear matching shirts for the rehearsal, how sweet!


 Trying to act serious for the rehearsal


 They were doing a little dance
 in the back while we prepared
 to run through it again.

Nancy - six weeks from her due date 
and still the sanest girl in our group. 

 Scenes from the luau-style post-rehearsal party

 Keith - pretending to panic at the thought of tomorrow's
 wedding.  (He was pretending, wasn't he?!!!)


Later that evening...  A 'hair party' at Desi's house where
extensions were meticulously prepared by skilled professionals.

Everything was great except for all the people who kept 
showing up at the sliding glass door to scare everyone!

 Prissy Pants couldn't stand all the excitement and went to bed
Long was her usual party animal self - 
sitting around with all the vigor she could muster
 Wedding day!  Here we are about to go to the chapel for pictures 
Pastor Darrell shows off the "wipe the glass" waving style that
his opera-singer sister taught him
 And here we have a beautiful bride ...And her crew - repairing a malfunctioning bouquet

Keith's Mom, Loretta; his aunt (Brian Gates' mom); and his Dad, Bob
   Mom & Desi
 The full gown shot - it was a really beautiful dress Half of Team James, plus Dave & Nancy with Deby Lacie in the background

Dave & Nancy (and little Ella!!)
   Dad could not be happier in this picture, he just loves pictures.
 Here I catch some half-smiles from my family Mom & Dad, looking distinguished
Now we catch them cutting loose! Desi in her black crocs, braving the mud as we left the chapel
I was not allowed to take pictures during the wedding, but I was given some pictures from Keith's Grandpa Thomas Royce who took some great shots.
 Travis - Keith's best friend and groomsman The male side of the wedding party
Lighting the unity candle.  This was after I had tied Keith's ring into my bouquet 
and then couldn't get it untied when the ring was called for.  Oops.
Ah, the kiss - can you tell I'm a proud sister?!
 The recessional, to the tune of, "Hunk of Burning Love" The Bloomers - Desirae & Keith
 The receiving line Dave, Eric, Mom, part of Dad, the photographer, Grandma, & Gran
 Desi and I are both listing to the side a little, not sure what that was all about We stayed behind at the chapel for some pictures afterward
 The whole wedding party Me, Keith, and Nancy
 The happy couple with Keith's grandparents This lady was great, I loved her but now I've lost her name
Now we're to the reception.  As soon as the reception started, we got a big storm that blew in with crazy wind, huge hail, and then it knocked the power out.  We opened all the doors and enjoyed a softly-lit dinner - no worries!
The car that took them from the chapel to the reception hall   

 I tried to make the rounds to all the tables at the reception to get a picture of each table, but I only made a few of them before I was called to duties as a cake server.

The Lacie table, with the Morton table behind them - I never made it that far These are co-workers and friends of Desirae's
 These are mostly co-workers and friends of Mom's The toast
 Zoe, looking as sweet as she truly is Trying to keep a straight face while they do this... 
Cutting the cake  They were kind and didn't smash it all over each other.
 Let the gift-opening begin! Gran & Grandma had to move closer for a better view.
 Polly Brown with Aunt Glenda - two sweeter ladies you will never find Here the kids enjoy the bubble machine


 Now here we are back home, 
 enjoying quiet time with the
 cat, Momma Kitty

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