Blackmons in Montana
Early August, 2018

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This month we were blessed by a visit from our good friends Rusy, Cody, Nathan, and August (just before he was born!)  They were in need of some R&R, so we didn't do a lot of running around - just took it easy and enjoyed quiet time together.  They did manage to catch the Eureka MT Quilt Show, and both Rusty and Eric celebrated birthdays that week.  A good time was had by all. 

Celebrating Rusty's 36th birthday on the porch one lovely afternoon. 

Here Rusty carries all the luggage, the car seat, stroller, and probably
some belongings of random other passengers through the airport.
 Hope he gets his wish!  The boys - Nathan, Rusty, and Eric
 Heading out for a family walk and some playing in the water We are trying to coax Buddy into the water with a fetching stick but he is afraid of swimming.
Nathan's favorite person was Momma, but her lap was taken up by baby August. The boys out for an early-morning walk.
Nathan loved our walks, he got to ride through them in style!   

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