Bible Study Christmas Party
Friday, December 19, 2014

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XiaoXing and Edison hosted a great Christmas party for our Bible Study group.  We had a White Elephant gift exchange and had a great time! 

The gang before we started opening gifts


 Eric, trying to suppress his excitement at his gift of lip gloss and 
 fingernail stickers - exactly what he needed!
Shine's gift was originally 4 (still warm) pies from McDonald's.
As the game progressed, it became 3 empty boxes and one pie.  
Surprisingly, no one stole his gift! 
I got a lovely St. Patrick's Day necklace and a reusable
shopping bag that collapses into a strawberry - fancy! 
Sporting stylin' Thunder glasses 
 Hu & I looking ready for Christmas with our St. Patrick's Day
 necklaces on
 Buddies Shine & Edison doing their GQ thing.

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