Berget Family Visit
August 2017

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Eric's mother Rose has a large family, and they rarely get together as a group, so it was a treat when most of them came to Eureka for a weekend visit.  This was our first time to meet some of them and we were happy to get to know these aunts and uncles.  
 The first event was a breakfast at Dan & Tracie's house.  Here we are
 joking around near the horses after breakfast. 
Ruben was the comedian of the family, he started a trend of riding 
Fancy the horse in full cowboy regalia.  

Youngest brother Ronald saddled up
  Rebecca's boyfriend Matt hits the trail
Larry complaining about the small waistband on the chaps  Jeb & Larry treat the family to a very memorable all-terrain ride
 The Berget siblings - minus Charlie and Corinne The family with spouses added (where available)

Dick & Mary Ann
  Rose & Dan

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