Going Away Pool Party for the Beeleys
Sunday, Feb. 24

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Yes, that date is correct.  We had several days of wonderfully warm weather in late February, and what better way to take advantage of nice weather than to have a pool party!  Eleanor Beeley is a little fish, she just loves the water, so we wanted to let her have one last swim before she moves to Norway. 

It was a nice party and a really good time.  We sure will miss our friends and neighbors the Beeleys, but now we have a free place to stay when we go to Norway!


Amy, our injured girl.  She had twisted her ankle right before the party but she still joined us anyway.  She's a tough one!  


Yes, this was taken during the party.
Eric is a party animal.

As the sun gets lower, everyone moves to warmer water  


I had always heard the Brits 
start drinking at a young age!

The kids enjoying the fire in our little fire pit  


Having fun!

Lucas, Kristi, and I had gone to see a comedy show the night before this party.  One comedian said you could entertain a child for hours with a flashlight (or torch, depending on your country of origin)

We tried it and the guy was right!  

  Kristi & Keaton  
   I told you the Brits start early!
 Casazza boys winding down  

Heather recently had a screw inserted into 
her jaw, so of course we all wanted to see!

(And yes, there is a good dental reason, she's
not just showing off how tough she can be!)

Eleanor & Tom showing off their going-away gifts from Miss Amy
A couple shots of the whole gang...

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